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“There is a gap between professional skills that corporate is looking for and what the universities are producing, therefore, any step towards reducing this gap is welcome.”
Sirajudin Aziz 
Habib Metropolitan Bank
“TATA Pakistan has adopted Corporate Grooming & Leadership Diploma by Fulcrum on rolling basis across our Head-office and factories. It is relatively easy to instill technical skills but the real challenge is to inculcate Soft Skills amongst employees which are equally crucial for every day work life across various sectors of economy.”
Umar Khawajah 
Group HR Head
TATA Pakistan
“TATA Pakistan joined hands with Fulcrum for its internationally renowned Corporate Grooming & Development Diploma, supervised by the highly qualified and experienced trainers and corporate professionals. The training curriculum was designed and tailored to cater the needs of our environment and to ensure the capacity building of our participants to cope up with the upcoming business challenges. The gradually emerging confidence level, leadership and general managerial skills of our participants, especially the technical experts, could be witnessed right after the initial sessions only, while ensuring its direct application to their job performances and deliverables.”
Rubina Urooj 
Manager Learning & OD, Corporate Communications – TATA Pakistan
“Youth represent the future in our community and work place so programs where they can learn how to become professional and how to communicate, these are wonderful opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.”
Li Ping – Cultural Attache’
US Consulate, Karachi
“World bank IFC and fulcrum are very serious contenders in what they are doing, So if they have joined hands to do this, then it should be taken serious.”
Asim Chishti 
Business Development Coordinator
IFC – World Bank
“Fulcrum has show phenomenal success over the years, all the best and great journey!”
Nadeem Hussain 
Former CEO
Tameer Mirco Finance Bank

Our Beliefs

Rukhsana Asghar / CEO

"To deliver excellence one must have the experience of winning a nearly lost battle, have worked as a team with the toughest of individuals and handled extreme stress with poise."

Qamar Iqbal / Director

"Life is your reaction towards what you have and what you don't. Keep it positive."

Shabana Anees / Director

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."

Waqas Qamar / Director

"Universally, health and fitness lead to positive behavioral pattern, yet it is the most widely ignored aspect of human endeavor to attain success."
Don't stress ... Stretch"

Nawab Husain / Senior Consultant

"All those keen on advancement should have "sincerity" in their approach & develop soft skills beyond job description."

Ahmed Murtaza / Manager Operations

"If entities were materialized, surely truthfulness would stand with courage and cowardice would stand with lying."

Shahida Hasan / Manager Marketing

To be yourself; Set up a goal and achieve it ;find a courage not for others but for yourself.
. If you would be able to see what others think  doesn’t exist ; than success is your destiny.

Shomayl Choudary / Head of Training & OD

"It's not about how hard you can hit,. It's about how hard you can get hit and get back up.
Hence go fast enough to get there but show enough to see."

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