About Us

Fulcrum is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Business Consulting Services Company. We offer customers the following services (Human Capital Development and Management Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, Executive Search, Training and Development and Information Technology) which encompass continuum of essential business services to meet their needs throughout the business cycle and help organizations focus on their strategic initiative.
We hold ourselves responsible for higherstandards than any body expects of us.
We emphasize a customized, “flexible” development approach to provide actionable information linked to clearly measurable business outcomes. We apply proven methodologies, tools and work with you to make sure that we deliver strategies, systems and processes that suit your needs and circumstances and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The professionals at Fulcrum are industry specialists who are quality conscious and believe in commitment and integrity.

Working Philosophy

“Surely, God created Adam in His own image”.
“He created man, of highest stature”
“He has subjected to you, as a charge from Him,
all that is in heavens and earth”
Human potential, by perfection of human form, is the presence of divinity within him, which is pure potential and the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Most diverse, extra ordinary powers to move towards perfection exist within every normal human being.

Success is a journey, a process, not a destination, and is based on the ability to marshal all conscious and unconscious energies to unfold divinity within. All miracles and paranormal are part of this aspect of human being.

We vastly under estimate the human potential and capacity to learn and create. Our expectations are too low for, the low, average and the best of learners.

Intelligence, ability, creativity, personality and leadership can be learnt/ taught by constant awareness, training, attitude, motivation, change of thinking habits and looking at ourselves and the world around in a new way.

Our Clients

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