Title Head of Credit Administration
Industry Banking
Start Date 2018-11-19
Location Karachi
Job Information
The Head of Credit Administration will be responsible for ensuring smooth functioning of the entire credit administration function within the bank. This will include the following:
1-      To design, review and implement credit administration structure and procedures within the bank. In this regard, continuous interaction will be required with various divisions/departments/units/branches on an ongoing basis.
2-      Development of standard loan documents and to ensure its legal effectiveness and enforce ability.
3-      To ensure perfection of security/support documents and adherence to covenants / conditions of the credit approvals.
4-      To supervise that the credit sanctions are as per the discretionary powers allocated to various credit committees.
5-      Maintenance of original credit files .Safe keeping of security documents and custodian of charge documents and securities.
6-      Overall credit portfolio monitoring through follow-ups with business units for adjustment of over dues and rectification of exceptions/irregularities.
7-      Generating and reviewing the MIS reports and alerts for follow ups. Providing reports to all concerned /senior management within the bank for information and effective decision making.
8-      Monitoring the drawing power of the security held and issuance of disbursement authorization certificates on an ongoing basis.
9-      Ensuring adequacy of insurance coverage on securities held as per approval terms for risk mitigation.
10-   Nomination of lawyers for obtaining legal opinions regarding perfection of security documents etc.
11-   Nomination of valuators and their shortlisting from the approved PBA list for getting the securities valued.
12-   Maintaining strong coordination with the business units for arranging legal opinions and valuations. Also ensuring completion of all pre and post disbursement requirements as per approved checklists.
13-   Compliance of all regulatory requirements/internal policies and procedures.
14-   Handling all issues related to internal /external/SBP Audit regarding credit administration.
15-   To ensure that all required system support is in place as per best market practice for smooth operations
 Experience Desired (No. of years)
Must have minimum 15 years’ experience within banking sector
Minimum 40 – Maximum  50 years
Minimum Graduation
JIBP / AIBP must be preferable
Number of Years
15 years or more
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