Executive Search Solutions

Best practices always yield the best solutions. Best solutions always involve the best people. In this sphere, we offer:

  •  A large, detailed and organized database, consisting of professionals from the entire corporate spectrum consisting of all industries in the market.

  •  Recruitment specialists are experienced and committed to identifying, interviewing and short listing the right set of experience and academic credentials.

  •  Facilities to enable us to handle complete in-house resource solutions that include but are not limited to workforce planning, executive search assignments, mass hiring and succession planning.

  •  Outplacement services, to help former employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orient to the job market.

  • Our database is integrated and complemented by an international recruiting software BULLHORN, which provides us with ATS (Applicant Tracking Services).

    BULLHORN: ATS (Applicant Tracking System) empowers us to:

    •  Automatically track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
    •  Integrate sales and recruiting activity to help close jobs faster.
    •  Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruiter activity.
    •  Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members.
    •  Cloud data management that provides security and backup.

    Our Clients

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