Overseas Employment Agency in Pakistan

Headquartered in Karachi, Fulcrum Private Limited holds the license of Overseas Employment Promoter.

Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Europe, UAE, North America & Saudi Arabia:

The license allows us to fulfill the Manpower Skilled Resource requirements from areas outside Pakistan that include Asia, North America, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Australia, Europe and most of the areas internationally. In order to get the best placements in various fields, we bring the right opportunities to the right employees in different sectors such as engineering, construction, & safety, transportation, trading, shipping, travel & leisure, auditing, marketing, finance, accounts, etc.

Overseas Employment Promotion with Standard of Excellence:

As an overseas employment promoter based in Pakistan, we believe in supplying immaculate services to our clients. We have eminent recruitment possibilities for prospective workers and employers. Therefore, we provide a powerful platform for candidates as well as the hiring organizations.

We work to bring forth personnel solutions for organizations across a variety of industry sectors. We have notable expertise and jobs market recognition, internationally and locally which employers can tap into as they plan their recruitment strategies. As recruitment consultants, we understand employer requirements, candidate needs and the influence of satisfying demands in the job market.

Our aim is to assist employers to make informed decisions. Hence, the additional benefit of a recruitment agency like ours is to help businesses and organizations to gain access to skills and experience and benefit employers to save time and capital resources.