Best practices always yield the best solutions. Best solutions always involve the best people.

Service Philosophy

In the current dilemma of finding the best talent, identifying a good candidate doesn’t automatically equate to recruiting a good candidate. The candidate’s suitability must be checked by three criteria; technical skills, soft skills, the right job fit and essentially followed by analyzing his fit into your organizational culture. Fulcrum partners with organizations and fills critical business positions at all tiers of the organization. We offer guidance on identifying, attracting and appointing the best individuals to meet their clients’ needs.


In this sphere, we offer:
  • A large, detailed and organized database, consisting of professionals from the entire corporate spectrum consisting of all industries in the market.
  • Our database is integrated and complemented by an international recruiting software BULLHORN, which provides us with ATS (Applicant Tracking Services).
  • Recruitment specialists are experienced and committed to identifying, interviewing and short listing the right set of experience and academic credentials.
  • Facilities to enable us to handle complete in-house resource solutions that include but are not limited to workforce planning, executive search assignments, mass hiring and succession planning.
  • Outplacement services, to help former employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orient to the job market.
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