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Service Philosophy

Recent trends indicate that organizations have realized the need to restrict their permanent fleet of employees to a calculated level, with a view to ensure and focus upon direct exposures to employment related laws and regulations, as well as to optimize the overall payroll cost – especially when it comes to headcount restrictions, optimizing & the restructuring benefit schemes amongst different categories of employees.


We Outsource:
  • Employees / Services for you.
  • Outsourcing solutions at all management levels.
  • Outsourcing of employee payroll.
  • Outsourcing of complete manpower and business operations and process.
  • Personal record keeping of employees through Fulcrum Document Management System.
  • Administration of compensation, and processing of benefits, rewards & terminal benefits.
  • Police and degree verification of outsourced employees.
  • Employee’s welfare and counseling activities.
  • Employee training and development.
  • Our outsourcing services are integrated and complemented by in-house Bull Horn Applicant Tracking System, Cloud based attendance, leave and payroll systems and LDocX Document Management System.
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