It’s not just about making business processes easier for our clients rather it about making it competitive, efficient, effective and according to their need.

Service Philosophy

Fulcrum specializes in payroll processing services and is a preferred partner for number of clients. We cater to the businesses of all different sizes. We have diversified experience of 15 years in processing a considerable number of payroll records on a monthly basis. We ensure confidentiality, completely while providing transparent employee communication, meeting statutory requirements and performing basic payroll calculations, so as to provide end-to-end small business payroll processing.


  • Deduction of Income Tax from Employees salary
  • Deduction of EOBI of all employees, any other mandatory benefits.
  • Deductions of any loans
  • Processing of any retirement benefits, e.g. Gratuity, Provident Fund
  • Incorporation of Salary increments as and when required
  • Processing of Bonus payments as and when required by the Client
  • Processing of any other payments/deductions.
  • Dispatch of salary slips to HR dept (in individually sealed envelopes) for onwards delivery to the employees.
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